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Our hope is that through art, we can educate and share stories from the medical and recreational cannabis communities. Whether you’re tackling you’re first home grow, launching a start-up, or you’re simply curious about the health benefits of cannabis, we’re prepared to arm you with the information you need. We hope these comics can help do just that. They are designed not only to entertain, but to tell an important story: of cannabis as a cultural reality, a useful life tool, and a viable, up-and-coming staple of our modern economy.



Cannabis Helps So Grow Right Now


Chase Green is a cannabis consulting company. We provide our knowledge and expertise to educate society about the health benefits of home grown cannabis. We help individuals new to growing cannabis from seed to harvest

Start Up

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to get involved in this cannabis industry but don’t know where to start? We can help you out. In fact, ChaseGreen will get your company connected with the latest media trends all while creating brand awareness within the industry.


Don’t have a cannabis business or brand and not interested in growing cannabis but need some? Donate to ChaseGreen today and receive a care package. We gift cannabis with jars, shirts, art and more.


 It all started in 2017 when two people came together eager to grow clean cannabis. Along the way, we connected with more people sharing the same vision. Research suggested, pairing clean cannabis with exercise helps weight loss. To make a long story short, our goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis grown with no pesticides. We believe Mother Nature has our best interest at heart.


We are a society of individuals who are dedicated to growth (both personal and community). We are prepared to raise awareness and operate within our society effectively to reach our goals efficiently. Our motto is all about living an "Official Grow Lifestyle" which promotes development, organization and consistency. Our core values:









Cannabis has been growing for many years. New research and development has suggested the many benefits of the plant. The opportunities in this cannabis industry have just begun and are continuing to grow. Here at Chase Green we recommend those interested in the industry become familiar with the plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes, tolerances and micro-dosing. To help you get started we have provided some links to guide you in the right direction, including a few easy steps to grow cannabis indoors.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds from Soil

Step by step educational guide to homegrown cannabis

1. Begin with small cup size pot

2. Fill cup ¾”in full with soil

3. Using a fine point, make a hole no more than 2cm in depth

4. Place seed in hole

5. Lightly sprinkle soil over seed in hole

6. Mist soil lightly

7. Place cup in a dark area with high humidity

8. Mist soil 2 x per day to maintain moist soil

How to Germinate 

Cannabis Seeds

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